Friday, 26 October 2012

Cheshire Cat. Hand Knitting Pattern.

It's almost Halloween and thoughts of scary monsters tend to spring to mind. 
For some obscure reason whilst contemplating designing and writing a new hand knitting pattern for a pumpkin style monster freak, the Cheshire Cat and all things Alice in Wonderland sprang to mind instead.
This is a brand new hand knitting pattern for a Cheshire Cat.
♥ Knit with a very special little girl in mind ♥

Partially knit flat and in the round.
You will need:
Approx 50grams of Biscuit and 50grams of Black D.K. Yarn. 
4 x 4mm Double Pointed Knitting Needles. 
A small quantity of polyester toy filling. 
2 x toy eyes.Optional. Would personally recommend embroidering the eyes into position if made for a child on health and safety grounds. 
1 x Tapestry Needle.
The hand knitting pattern is written and charted and a lot easier than it looks! 
If you can knit in the round on double pointed knitting needles, it’s a doddle!!

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Kelims. Persian Rugs. Inspiration for Hand Knitting, Tapestry and Weaving

The Kilim (also known as Kelim, Gelim and Gilim) rugs are the most well known of the Oriental flat weaves, similar to the South American Najavo rugs. Their colour comes from the weft which is tightly intertwined with the warp. Rather than an actual pile, the foundation of these rugs gives them their design and colour. The weft is woven between the warp until a new colour is needed, then is looped back round and knotted. Between colours in most Kilim rugs there is a vertical slit, this is created when the weave pulls the warp strings away from each other and is unique to Kilims. This ‘slit woven’ design is loved by collectors who find the sharp etched designs, emphasising the colourful weave, mesmerising.  The weft is almost always wool, while the warp can be either cotton or wool.

Kilims and old woven textiles are a rich source of inspiration for colour and pattern. The designs are geometric, which makes them easy to interpret onto a chart. Because Kilim motifs are quite large, the designs are great inspiration for intarsia, multicolour knitting techniques, tapestry and weaving.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Knitted Garden for Children in Distress

After hearing of the work of Children in Distress at a knitting group talk, given by Jane Russell CID’s Funding Development Manager, Clare Burborough of Castaway Yarns, Haxby near York wanted to raise funds on Children in Distress Day. Using contacts and building on her special talent for knitting, she sought the aid of avid knitters across Yorkshire to help her and between them; they created a fabulous "Knitted" Garden. Audrey Wilson, the Leeds Knitwear Designer started off the project by designing and donating two knitting patterns; one for an apple and another for tea roses, which were each sold for £1. Knitters rose to the challenge, for instance Haxby & Wigginton Cubs joined in and knitted mice, frogs and butterflies for the display. Many more knitters joined in and created a wonderful display including vegetables, fruits, flowers, a garden pond, Mother Duck and her three ducklings, Teddy Bears Picnic, a Dovecote complete with three doves, even a Leprechaun for good luck.
Just in time for the unveiling of the garden another parcel arrived at Castaway Yarns, which, when opened, revealed a Scarecrow family; Grandma & Grandpa, Mum & Dad and Twin Scarecrows with a note which said "We are the Scarecrow Family and would like to take our place in your Knitted Garden for Children in Distress". The only clue we have as to who sent the parcel is that they reside in the S7 area of Sheffield. What a lovely gift!
Over £190 was raised on the Garden Open Day and more is expected as pieces of the garden are sold off. 

All items are currently on display and for sale at Castaway Yarns and proceeds from each sale will go to the registered charity, Children in Distress. 
Castaway Yarns, in Haxby, near York, is open every day from Tuesday to Saturday.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Hand Knitting Pattern. Aran Hat

A new hand knitting pattern for a Unisex 
Aran Tweed Ribbed Hat.
One size to fit an Adult Head. 
Width around edge of crown 56cm (22in)
You will need 100 grams of Aran Tweed Yarn.
1 pair of 5mm (UK6-US8) Knitting Needles.
Very easy pattern and quick to knit.

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