Saturday, 29 November 2014

Free Knitting Pattern for Blanket Squares

This pattern was originally written for all my friends at the 
Womens Institute who are knitting a blanket for charity.
♥ Thought I’d share the love ♥ 

The knitting pattern is for two really easy Garter Stitch Blanket Squares. 
There’s a choice of two blanket sizes:
 3”/7.5cm x 3”/7.5cm or a 6”/15cm x 6”/15cm square. 
Each square is knit diagonally to ensure a perfect square. 
I designed the original blanket in a Gingham pattern formation, 
but, have left the choice of yarn colour open 
to the individual knitter as it would be 
very difficult to co-ordinate the yarn colours with
 so many knitters involved. 
Each square takes a tiny quantity of D.K. yarn. 
Approx 9 yards for the 3in/7.5cm square and 
36 yards for the 6in/15cm square. 
It’s a perfect pattern for those who would like to design their 
own blanket and those new to knitting. 
If you can increase, knit and decrease you can knit these squares!!

♥ Work in progress ♥

The pattern is also now available as a free download on the Knit for Peace website.

Other knitting patterns available at:

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Cowl. Hood. Scarf. Shrug. Hand Knitting Pattern. Four ways to wear one piece!

Aran Tweed Button Cowl.

An Original Design from The Design Studio
 for a very easy Cowl hand knitting pattern.
You will need 200 grams of Aran Tweed.
1 Pair of 4 mm and 5 mm needles. 5 Buttons.

Fabulous and versatile.
Easy and quick to to knit.

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Wear with a Smile.