It's not often anyone sees the original design, only those of us that are involved in the creation.
So I thought it might be fun to show a copy of the original blueprint of the Cowl Sweater on the blog.
The design is the easy part of the process. Most yarns dictate the stitch and after playing with tension swatches and stitch textures the garment sort of designs itself. It just seems to happen as the pencil touches the paper.
Then comes the hard part, translating the design into the maths required to write the pattern.
Size specifications and schematics. Stitch and row multiples, graded into all sizes prior to writing the pattern.
The pattern is then written in draft form and tech edited. It must be 100% correct (there must be NO mistakes, or the knitter will eat your head) This is worse than taking A level Maths.
Finally, the pattern is typeset (another dangerous process, if you copy and paste too much it'll end up as gobble Dee gook. Off with your head again)
After all of this brain ache, the design is ready for test knitting either by self or advisably by a very friendly, enthusiastic, patient and lovely test knitter.
Once the sample is finished and the pattern finally tech edited and checked (yes, again). It's off to the model agency for a casting and the photographers for the shoot.
Voila..........A day in the life of a knitwear designer.

Here's the finished product:

Cowl Neck Sweater Hand Knitting Pattern
To fit sizes:  10-12        14-16       18-20.
Chest:  cm   81-86        91-97       102-107
              in     32-34       36-38        40-42

You will need
100g balls        7              8                 9

1 pair of 4mm Knitting Needles.
A very easy pattern to knit.

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