Small Scented Cushions Knitting Workshop and Hand Knitting Pattern.

Yesterdays Cable and Texture Knitting Workshop held at Castaway Yarns in Haxby, near York, 
 was such a great event and so much fun. Lots of Eureka moments, laughter, superb knitting and fabulous cake!

Using the Small Scented Cushion Pattern from my Ravelry store as a guide to 'How to read a knitting pattern' 'How to Cable' 'How to knit an embossed leaf' and 'How to knit twisted rib' Everyone learnt how to achieve texture and experiment with different stitch patterns.

With great success!
Big thanks to Clare at Castaway yarns and all the lovely ladies that attended.
I'm so looking forward to the Christmas Pudding Tea Cosy and Pin Cushion Knitting workshop on Saturday the 3rd of December. Hope to see you all there!
For full details of all the knitting workshops please visit the 'How to Knit Workshops' page on the blog.

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