Baby Cardigan Hand Knitting Pattern and Stranded Colour Knitting

Last weekends knitting with colour workshop held at Castaway Yarns was a great success with everyone learning how to strand their knitting.
Two colours of yarn are used on each row with the yarn not in use being carried across the back of the fabric. This is known as stranded colour knitting.
Stranded colour knitting is worked from a chart, usually in stocking stitch with two or more colours in each row. Most traditional Fair Isle designs change colour after no more than seven stitches in each row, with the yarn not in use stranded loosely on the wrong side of the work.
At each knit stitch, there are two available "active" colours of yarn; one is drawn through to make the knit stitch, and the other is simply held behind the piece, carried as a loose strand of yarn behind the just-made stitch.
Knitters who are comfortable with both English and Continental methods of knitting can carry both colours with their right hand and use two different fingers for the two colours of yarn alternating first and second finger according to colour.Traditional Fair Isle patterns normally have no more than two or three consecutive stitches of any given colour, because they are stranded, and too many consecutive stitches of one colour means a very long strand of the other, quite easy to catch with a finger or button. A more modern variation is woven Fair Isle, where the unused strand is held in slightly different positions relative to the needles and thereby woven into the fabric, still invisible from the front, but trapped closely against the back of the piece. This permits a nearly limitless variety of patterns with considerably larger blocks of colour.

Baby Pink Stripe Cardigan   

A very easy first Fair Isle Hand Knitting Pattern
for those who would like to try stranded knitting. 
Knit in Baby soft D.K. yarn on 
4mm (UK8-USA6) knitting needles. 

The pattern includes a chart and written instructions for 7 sizes to fit chest sizes: 
Prem 1: 35.5cm/12in            Prem 2: 40.5cm/16in 
                           0-3m: 45.5cm/18in                  3-6m: 50.5cm/20in 
                           6-12m: 56cm/22in               1-2yrs: 61cm/24in
3-4yrs: 66cm/26in. 
Knit from the bottom up using a small quantity of yarn. 
You will need 1 x 100gram ball of each colour for the sizes Prem to 6 months 
and 2 x 100 gram balls of each colour for sizes 6 months to 4 years. 
Alternatively the cardigan can be knit in multi colours of your choice to use up some of the stash! 
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