Free Crochet Pattern. Lets make Daisy Chains.

Daisy Chains
mm millimetres         ch chain         ss slip stitch               dc double crochet
tr treble crochet         rep repeat      dec decrease            rs right side

Small quantity of 4ply Cotton in Green (A), Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange (B).
1 x 3mm Crochet Hook.

Using 3mm Crochet Hook and Yarn A. Make 4ch, join with ss into a ring.
1st Round (RS) Using Yarn A: 1ch, 4dc into ring, join Yarn B with ss in 1ch.
Continue to use Yarn B.
2nd Round: 1ch, 2dc in ch below, 3dc in each of next 4ch, ss in 1st ch.
3rd Round: * 2ch, 2tr in ch below, dec in next 2ch; rep from * 5 more times, 
ending with an ss in ss of the previous round.
Fasten off securely and finish off all loose ends.

Pattern for personal use only.


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