Aran Brioche Cowl. PDF Hand Knitting Pattern

Also known as Shawl Stitch, Oriental Rib, and in France, 
Point D'Angleterre is known as English Brioche.

Brioche produces a thicker, heavier weight fabric than ordinary knitting. 
To obtain a softer fabric with drape, this knitting pattern requires a 
larger needle than normally used for the thickness and weight of the yarn.

The Aran Brioche Cowl is knit flat on two knitting needles 
using just 200 Grams, approx 330 metres of Aran/Worsted weight yarn. 
If you can cast on, knit, purl and cast off, you can knit this fabulous 
‘On Trend’ Brioche Cowl knitting pattern. 
The basic principle of Brioche is the travelling thread, 
which is worked in with the knit stitch, the travelling thread is 
worked as a yarn over needle, followed by a slip stitch. 
The knitting pattern is written, with simple instructions for those who’ve 
never knit Brioche before. 
Great fun once mastered, producing a fabulous reversible ribbed fabric.

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