Small Scented Cotton Cushions and Patchwork Squares

This fabulous hand knitting pattern is for three small scented cushions. 
Each cushion takes just 25 grams of D.K. Cotton.
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In the 18th and 19th centuries diagonally designed, hand knitted squares made into rugs and beadspreads abounded.
These little squares were easily slipped into a workbag and when joined together create a rich and complex pattern.
I've taken it a small stage further and using the 'Garden Plot' patchwork square as a basis for one of the designs, created some small hand knitted, scented small cushions. Perfect, pretty household replacements for those horrid plastic air freshners that cost so much. Quick to knit and pretty to display. They can be scattered or placed in drawers and wardrobes.
Lavender and Rose oils can be used in the soft cushion pads.
These patterns have been designed and written specifically for the 'Cable and Texture' 'How to Knit' workshop to be held at Fabrication in Leeds on Sunday the 13th February. The patterns are free for those who attend the workshop.
If you didn't make it to the workshop the pattern is available to buy here and on Ravelry.
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As an extension to the small cushions, I've also taken the 'Garden Plot' design a stage further, with ideas for a bag, larger cushion and afghan.
All (clean) comments welcome!


  1. This is amazing. I just spent an evening looking through counterpane patterns because I wanted to do a baby afghan just like the afghan in your drawing! I couldn't find what I was looking for, but Garden Plot will be perfect.

  2. Hi i'm having a problem with the garden plot pattern, everything went well unti row 19 when i found i didn't have enough stitches, at the end of row 18 i had 29 stitches but to complete row 19 i need 31 stitches , i have unpicked and tried again 3 times but still cant get it right. Help please penny

  3. Hi,
    18th Row: Yon,k9,p9,k10. [29sts]
    19th Row: Yon,k10,ssk,k5,k2tog,k10 [28sts]
    Yon: Yarn over needle.
    ssk: slip next 2 sts to right needle knit wise, insert tip of needle through front loop of both stitches from left to right, knit together.
    k2tog: knit 2sts together.

    Sounds as though you might be getting your Yon, ssk and K2tog mixed up. Hope this helps
    It does work, we've knit loads!!! Let me know if you still encounter any problems:)

  4. Ah i see now, the pattern says yon K10 SSK K7 K2tog K10 it should be K5 not K7. Onward and upwards.........


    1. Very sorry. There was a mistake in the pattern on the 19th Row. In the first edition of the pattern it was typed as K7.
      It should read K5. Please let me know if you spot the mistake on any patterns purchased and I'll try and rectify. The current edition should be correct!!
      ♥ Happy Knitting ♥


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