Lemon Tea Cosy 'Knitting in the Round' Knitting Workshop at Castaway Yarns

 At this weekends Fabulous 'Knitting in the round' Knitting workshop at Castaway Yarns in Haxby near York, everyone learnt how to knit in the round and design a Tea cosy using the pattern for my Lemon Tea Cosy as a starting point. 
Big thanks to Clare and Jean and all the girls who attended. 
It's been such a hectic week and I'm so way behind on updating all the recent workshops on the blog. Sorry girls it's very remiss of me. I promise to get all the photo's up and workshops updated on the blog this week!
All the future knitting workshops for 2012 are listed on the 'How to knit' Knitting Workshops page of the blog. The workshops cover all levels of knitting ability through from 'Never knit in my life' to 'Advanced Master Class and Design your own knitwear!' We cover them all and have great fun in the process!! Look forward to seeing you there!

Lemon Tea Recipe.
Make a two pint pot of English Tea.
Place the Tea Cosy over the Tea Pot.
Thinly slice a fresh lemon and place one slice of the lemon in the base of a china tea cup.
Pour hot tea over the lemon slice.
Sugar to taste:)

This fabulous hand knitting pattern for a Lemon Tea Cosy is written for any standard D.K. Cotton Yarn.

The tea cosy takes small a quantity of yarn over 2 colours.
Knit in the round on 4 x 4mm double pointed knitting needles
and also on 2 x 4mm knitting needles.
The tea cosy fits a 2 pint teapot.

To purchase this handknitting pattern.
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