Knitting with Colour. Stranded Colour and Fair Isle Knitting Workshop.

Working from a chart, stranded colour and fair isle knitting are usually worked in stocking stitch using two colours in a row. One, or both of these colours may change on subsequent rows dependent on the pattern to be worked.
The strands carried across the back of the work should be tensioned loosely and evenly. The predominant yarn will usually lie on top and the yarn should be stranded in the same order on every following row. This avoids yarn tangle whilst work is in progress and creates a neat finish to the reverse of the work.
Last weekends 'Knitting in colour' workshop held at Rowan Up Country in Holmfirth 
was a great success, with outstanding results.
If you'd like to attend one of our knitting workshops. 
All full list is available on the 'How to Knit' Knitting Workshops page of the blog.
New workshops are added on a regular basis.


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