How to Design and Knit a Bag. Knitting Workshop at Castaway Yarns

Designing a small knitted bag is a great place to start 
if you'd like to begin designing your own knitting projects.
After selecting the colour, yarn, shape and size of your bag you can calculate the number of stitches needed to cast on and the number of rows required, by knitting a swatch in your chosen stitch pattern prior to knitting.
Last Saturdays 'How to Design and Knit a Bag Workshop at Castaway Yarns was a great success. The beautiful designs created are now work in progress. 

Sue designed a small hand bag to take on honeymoon in a few weeks time in a stunning summer red basket weave. 
Congratulations Sue on your impending wedding. 
♥ Wishing you a beautiful day ♥

Can't wait to see all the finished bags.


  1. Hi Audrey,
    It's fun designing your own things, and knitting up a bag is a fun way to start. I have just finished knitting a cowl for myself and did the same thing.....just threw some stitches on the needles and went for it. Turned out nice too. Have a great day.
    Cheers, Anita.


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