Knitting and Sewing Craft Project Bag. PDF Hand Knitting Pattern.

We all need a project bag to store all our crafty bits and pieces, 
work in progress, yarn, needles and fabric.
What could be better than making our own?
This fabulous hand knitting pattern for a Knitting and Sewing Craft Project Bag 
requires very basic skills in both knitting and sewing.
If you can cast on, knit, purl and cast off, this is a perfect, very easy, 
knitting pattern and project for you.
The interior of the bag is lined with a canvas interlining to provide support and structure,
 the interior is finished off with a pretty cotton fabric lining. 

You will need 50cm of canvas and 50cm of cotton for the interior. 
The template for the lining is included in the pattern instructions. 
The knitting pattern requires just 300 grams of Cotton D.K. 
Perfect for using up some of the stash.

The handles for the project bag are made from two small pieces 
of wood or cane which slot into the finished handle slots
Quick to knit and great fun to make.
 We love ours!

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Knitting and Sewing Craft Project Bag
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